5 wild new iOS 18 features not mentioned at WWDC 2024 (2024)


Did you know that you can use eye tracking on iOS 18?

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5 wild new iOS 18 features not mentioned at WWDC 2024 (1)

Despite the swath of new iOS 18 features unveiled at WWDC 2024, there are still some you don't know about.Credit: Hadrian / Shutterstock.com

WWDC 2024 was a whirlwind! The keynote stuffed a bunch of new iOS 18 features in its set of announcements. But believe it or not, there are still some striking new perks that didn't make the cut.

Some of these features were announced quietly in a newsroom post before WWDC 2024 — or discovered by explorers of the not-yet-ready-for-primetime iOS 18 developer beta version. Either way, here is a list of iOS 18 features that were not mentioned at WWDC 2024.


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1. New eye tracking for iPhone

It's not just the Apple Vision Pro that supports eye tracking. Thanks to iOS 18, this feature will be available for iPhone (and iPad) users, too.

Tweet may have been deleted

By navigating to Settings > Accessibility > Eye Tracking, you can toggle on the eye tracking feature, allowing you to navigate your iPhone with your gaze. When you're ready to select something, all you need to do is stare at it for a few seconds. This feature is useful for anyone who cannot use the iPhone with their hands. Plus, it's also a fascinating perk to have if you'd like to have a bit of fun with your iPhone.

This feature uses the FaceID camera. Of course, it likely won't be as sophisticated as the eye-tracking system on the Apple Vision Pro, but it's useful if you need a hands-free navigation experience.

2. 'Math Notes' works on iPhone, too

Math Notes, arguably one of the most exciting features on iPadOS 18, lets you scribble an equation on the iPad. And after writing an equal sign on the display, it gets solved instantly. The solution mimics your handwriting style, too.

5 wild new iOS 18 features not mentioned at WWDC 2024 (2)

'Math Notes' demo shown on an iPad at WWDC 2024.Credit: Apple

Interestingly, Math Notes isn't limited to iPadOS 18. You can also use Math Notes on your iPhone. Instead of using an Apple Pencil, you can use your finger to scribble an equation on the screen.

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Tweet may have been deleted

And similar to iPadOS 18, it will get solved for you in your own handwriting.

5 wild new iOS 18 features not mentioned at WWDC 2024 (3)

Red arrow points to adjustability dial.Credit: Apple

The only downside is that, without a stylus (e.g., Apple Pencil Pro), you won't be able to use the adjustability dial (a feature that lets you increase and decrease number values), which is supported by the Hover feature.

3. Change the flashlight's beam width

The iPhone flashlight control UI, which you can access with a quick swipe-down gesture, has a new design. (WWDC 2024 did announce the Control Center's new design and snazzy novel look.)

Tweet may have been deleted

However, what the Cupertino-based tech giant didn't mention is that you can also change the width of the flashlight's luminance.

4. Bezel animations

When you press any of the side buttons, whether they're on the left or right side, it will trigger an animation that involves the bezel that surrounds the iPhone display.

Tweet may have been deleted

Like The Verge mentioned, it may not be very useful now, but there's a rumor that a future iPhone may have solid-state buttons (buttons without any moving parts like a traditional mechanical button), so the animation may be helpful for visual feedback.

5. QR code for sharing your Wi-Fi password

Sharing your Wi-Fi password with friends just got easier.

By using the new Passwords app revealed at WWDC 2024, you can generate a QR code you can share with loved ones. After scanning it with their phone, they can quickly get access to your Wi-Fi network. (You can also print it out and put it on a table, allowing more than one person to use your Wi-Fi.)

The full, stable version of iOS 18 is expected to launch later this year, presumably alongside the iPhone 16 series.

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5 wild new iOS 18 features not mentioned at WWDC 2024 (4)

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5 wild new iOS 18 features not mentioned at WWDC 2024 (2024)
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