Is Mattie Westbrouck a Girl? Insights Into The TikToker‘s Gender Identity (2024)

Mattie Westbrook was born a girl; however, they have since transitioned and now identifies as non-binary. They were born Madeline Vanhonsebrouck on September 2, 2000, which means they are now 23 years old. They lived a better part of their life as a girl before later coming out as trans non-binary.

The older sibling of internet star, Hannah Vanhonsebrouck, Mattie gained fame on social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Westbrouck is a strong member of the LGBTQ community who had been out for a long time to close friends and family members, but only came out publicly recently to fans on social media. This has got many wondering what the gender and true identity of the celebrity is.

Is Mattie Westbrouck a Male or Female?

Mattie was female when they were born on September 2, 2000. Now 23 years old, they do not identify as either male or female. At some point in the past, they identified as male and even changed their name, but later decided against it, adopting gender fluidity instead.

Although Mattie Westbrouck has not gone through any gender transition surgery and remains biologically female, they do not identify as male or female, but rather as non-binary.

What is Mattie Westbrouck’s Gender?

The gender that Mattie Westbrouck identifies with at the moment is non-binary. As indicated, Mattie was born a girl and was named Madeline Vanhonsebrouck. She realized as she was growing up, that she had no feelings whatsoever for boys and did not want to have much to do with them.

Growing up in a conservative community, she did not know anything about gays until she was around 10. It would take her three more years to realize that lesbian was not a race. It was after this that she had a kiss with a girl and realized it made much sense to her. Madeline got scared after the encounter because she felt she was the only one of her kind in the world.

She first came out to her friend as a teenager, claiming she was straight, but later tried being bisexual. At this point, Madeline had uncertainties about her gender.

Raised in a catholic and religious home, her brother was the first person to find out she was having an affair with a girl and he hinted to her parents who told her she was manipulated. This led Madeline to break up with her first girlfriend and then she dated a man, but did not enjoy the experience.

She did not date anyone again until she went to college where she had affairs with different women. Nonetheless, her parents still did not accept her until she became suicidal and then she had a talk with her mom who shifted grounds and supported her after a few years of discussion.

Although there was the question of Madeline’s gender, whether she was male or female, it was finally in 2022 that she came out as neither male nor female, and they took the name Mattie.

What Pronoun Does Mattie Westbrouck Use?

Mattie uses all pronounce. In an interview with Spencewuah who has since come out as gay, Mattie revealed that rather than being referred to as gender fluid, they sometimes get very confused so they do not mind being referred to by any gender anyone wants.

According to the social media influencer, they do not have issues with anything gender because they did not get to explore it very early in life, and so they feel like rather than belonging to a gender, they just exist in a fix, that is why they do not mind any gender.

By the time Mattie was 18, they had already started using plural pronouns for which they got kicked out of their dorm in their private catholic college. Mattie revealed that they wept through the experience. It was at this point that they tried taking their life but got stopped, thanks to a friend who called the cops.

The school outed Mattie to their parents, revealing that they had changed names and were now using the “they” and “them” pronouns. After this, the TikTok star decided they were not going to go by any pronoun but would be cool with any. Nonetheless, the pronouns “they” and “them” are what fans mostly use today for Mattie even though they do not use any pronoun on their social media bio.

Is Mattie Westbrouck in a Relationship?

Is Mattie Westbrouck a Girl? Insights Into The TikToker‘s Gender Identity (1)

No, Mattie Westbrouck doesn’t seem to be in any relationship at the moment. Either that, or they want to keep their current relationship private.

The social media star had been in several relationships in the past, but their last known romantic involvement was with YouTuber and TikToker Isabella Avila. Although it is not clear how Mattie and Bella, who was born on April 12, 1999, and is now 25 years old, first met, it is known that they were first friends for some time before they began dating.

They went social media official in February 2022 when Mattie and Bella who is popular on the internet as Onlyjayus, confirmed to fans on TikTok that they were dating. Onlyjayus is lesbian, although she was once accused of using anti-gay and racial slurs.

They remained together for a year before the relationship fell apart in 2023. It has been confirmed that they have since gone their separate ways, but there was never a reason why the relationship ended. However, there were rumors alleging that Mattie cheated on Bella, even though there isn’t any confirmation of this.

Since then, Mattie, who made it known that they have dated both men and women in the past, maintained a very private love life without stating anything in relation to who they might be dating. On the other hand, Bella is very open about her love life. She is now dating Brittney Lee, who is also referred to as Brittany Dejardo.


Is Mattie Westbrouck a Girl?

Mattie Westbrouk was born a girl, but they now do not have a specific gender, as they do not subscribe to it. The Tiktoker identifies as non-binary.

What Is Mattie Westbrouck’s Gender?

Mattie Wstbrouck’s gender is non-binary. They came out officially in 2022.

Who Exactly is Mattie Westbrouck?

Mattie is an American social media star who gained fame on various social platforms, including TikTok and Instagram. Mattie is also an actor and comedian among other things.

How Old is Mattie Westbrouck?

Matty Westbrouk is currently 23 years old. They were born on September 2, 2000.

Is Mattie Westbrouck Married?

No, Mattie is not married and have never come close to walking down the aisle.

Does Mattie Westbrouck Have Kids?

No, Mattie Westbrouck does not have any kids and has not made it known if they are hoping to have any kids anytime soon.

Is Mattie Westbrouck a Girl? Insights Into The TikToker‘s Gender Identity (2024)


Is Mattie Westbrouck a Girl? Insights Into The TikToker‘s Gender Identity? ›

Mattie Westbrouck's gender - Wrapping up

How much money does Mattie Westbrouck make? ›

As of January 2023, Mattie Westbrouck's net worth is $1.5 million. Mattie Westbrouck is a 22-year-old American influencer, TikTok star, content creator, and philanthropist. Mattie is known for her funny POV videos with a comedic and calming premise.

What is Mattie Westbrouck in? ›

Mattie Westbrouck is known for Born This Way and POVz (2022).

Are Mattie and Bella still dating? ›

Bella and Mattie Broke Up Confirmed | TikTok.

How old is Mattie from Party Down South? ›

The 31-year-old previously starred in Party Down South on CMT, and appeared in the entire 5 season run of its spin-off show, Party Down South 2. Mattie then had a two-year hiatus before moving to MTV, and appearing on The Challenge. Mattie found success on War of the Worlds, as well as Total Madness.

What gender is Mattie? ›

Mattie Westbrouck's gender - Wrapping up

Once the popular TikToker gained fame, everyone wondered about Mattie Westbrouck's gender. She was born a female and given the name Madeline, but she now identifies as a non-binary transgender person and doesn't have a pronoun preference.

Who is Mattie Westbroucks' new girlfriend? ›

Mattie has a new girlfriend @kay!

How much does Mattie pay Rooster? ›

Mattie agrees to pay Rooster a hundred bucks to help her hunt Chaney, but then they almost get into a fight when Mattie demands to come with Rooster and he demands she stay behind.

Does Mattie Westbrouck have Snapchat? ›

Mattie Westbrouck (@westbrouck) | Snapchat Stories, Spotlight & Lenses.

Is Mattie Westbrouck white? ›

Where does Mattie Westbrouck live? The social media personality was born and raised in the United States of America. They have not disclosed the state they live in. Their nationality is American, and their ethnicity is White.

Was Mattie born a boy or girl? ›

Mattie Westbrouck's gender - Wrapping up

Once the popular TikToker gained fame, everyone wondered about Mattie Westbrouck's gender. She was born a female and given the name Madeline, but she now identifies as a non-binary transgender person and doesn't have a pronoun preference.

Is Mattie Westbrouck dating a girl? ›

Mattie has a new girlfriend @kay!

When was Bailey Spinn born? ›

My name is Bailey Spinn and I'm a content creator as well as a musician! I grew up in Virginia with my family, and I was born on August 5th, 2002. I started making content in quarantine out of boredom, but soon it became my full-time job.

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